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Important : services are only designed for healthy dogs and cats due to french legislation.   If your pet has any health condition, please contact a veterinarian or a professional in your country who will be able to formulate a therapeutic recipe.

follow up

If you don’t choose the follow up, there is one included in each formula 1 month after your purchase. If you do, there is one right after your purchase, 15 days after, and one month after.  Every new adjustment needed will be charged 10€

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Go to the “services” page, and click on the “how much does it cost” page. Then, you will be able to choose adult, growth, senior or follow up, how many recipes you want, as well as how many pets you want recipes for.


I use a software created by a french veterinarian, nutrition professor from a vet school. This software is based on the last scientific data and NRC 2006 guidelines.

muscle meat

Cooked or raw


Cooked or raw


Cooked or raw

raw meaty bones






Warning : If you don’t recieve your purchase confirmation email, please check the spam folder. Once your order is complete, you will recieve in your inbox the recipe, a document with some advices and with the nutraceuticals I use in the recipe. 

How long does it take : once the form is complete, you will recieve your recipe within 10-15 days