Proactive formulation for everyone !


proactive formulations

Adult recipes are for healthy dogs only

Raw, cooked, with or without multivitamins, with or without bones.

For foreign customers, you can chose a follow up by  email where we can talk about anything you want, if you have a lot a questions, if your dog has any difficulties you would like to let me know. There is one right after your order, another one 15 days after, and another one 1 month after.

If you don’t choose that follow up, there’s one included in each formula 1 month after you purchased the recipe to see if we need to adjust anything !

Puppies and kitten recipes are designed to allow optimal growth. Please note that puppies and kitten formulations DO NOT contain raw meaty bones.

Adult weight <30kg, or cat :

  • 5 balanced recipes without bones
  • Recipe at 2, 4, 6, 8 et 10 months old
  • Support as needed

Adult weight > 30kg :

  • 7 balanced recipe without bones
  • Recipe at 2, 4, 6, 8 et 10, 12 et 14 months old
  • Support as needed

Because old dogs and cats have different nutritionnal needs, it’s important to offer them a fresh food recipe that respect their physiology.

Senior recipes DO NOT contain raw meaty bones, in order to avoid phosphorus excess to preserve renal function.

7 years old and older

You have already ordered and want to change an ingredient ? Your pet has been neutered, his activity has changed and we need to adapt his calory intake ?

Order a follow up to adjust your current recipe !